At DISTRICT BICYCLE CO., we live and breathe bikes. We are a family-owned bike shop in Kamloops with a passion for biking. Owners Jeff, Jessica Blanken & John Osborne are dedicated to providing the service you need to have the best biking experience, and will stop at nothing to ensure you feel welcome at our shop. We have a variety of bike types, products, apparel and service packages to keep you rolling.


At DISTRICT BICYCLE CO. in Kamloops we care about your overall biking experience, and we carry everything you need to perform to the best of your ability. We believe that starts with the bike itself – whether you’re looking for a road bike or a mountain bike, we have the bike for you. We are happy to provide recommendations for the best bike and bike products for your skill level, goals and budget.


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Is it time to update your kit? We carry the biking apparel you love and trust to keep you cool on your daily commute to work or protected on the trails. The brands we carry offer both style and function.


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mountain bike - 3f1

$15 / Day

mountain bike - 3f1

$18 / Day

mountain bike - 3f1

$20 / Day

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